Cheryl Harter, M.D., M.D. (H)

Sedona, AZ

What is so smart about smart meters?

If you do nothing, a smart meter (electric meter) will be installed on your home here in the Verde Valley, probably sometime in 2013.  They monitor your power use and digitally transmit the information to APS.

The smart meters are supposed to be good for the environment and perfectly safe.  Many people have experienced otherwise.  Fortunately for us, there has been extensive research that we can access on line.  Much of my information has come from an April 26, 2012 Smart Meter Conference Call.  You can listen to it and see the documentation by goggling Take Back Your Power Film.  Prof. Glen Chase teaches statistics and explains how the power companies have manipulated the data to make the meters sound safe as well as effective at saving energy.  Unbiased research shows just the opposite.

Included in the film of the conference are documents you can download.  One was a summary statement from the Santa Cruz Health Dept. study of smart meters.  It stated that smart meters expose persons in the home to full body radiation 50-450 times greater than radiation from cell phones-depending on proximity in the home to the smart meter.  Smart meters emit radiation almost continuously 24/7, 365 days per year. (Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation as emitted by the smart meters, have been associated with ) increased permeability of the blood brain barrier, harmful effects on sperm, DNA breaks that can lead to cancer, stress gene activation indicating exposure to a toxin, and alterations in brain glucose metabolism.

There have been many reports of health problems from smart meters.  I believe many people have symptoms from electro stress, (commonly insomnia, heart palpitations, depression, anxiety, memory problems), without having any idea of the source.  Even without the smart meters, I believe most people are experiencing electro stress from the constant exposure to cell phones, cell phone towers, wireless routers, etc.  They may have no symptoms, but the stress is still there acting to accelerate aging.  The smart meter just adds greatly to the electro stress, and effectively undoes any treatments for such that you may have already done to your home.

Prof. Chase also explains that the information about your energy usage is not really helpful as far as saving energy.  It has to be accessed on line, comes delayed about 36 hours, and tells you only total usage.  Without knowing what appliance was using all the energy, the information is useless to the customer.


This information of what appliance was used when and for how long is, however, able to be deciphered and sold to the highest bidder.  This information has value as far as target marketing to us.  It is also potentially available to hackers who might like to know your daily habits and when you’re on vacation.  Some people consider this meter illegal surveillance of our daily activities.  This is why I call it a spy meter.


Other problems people have experienced with the smart meters include:

1. House fires from improper installation and electrical arcing

2. Interference with other devices such as security systems and medical devices

3. Higher bills from being billed higher rates for peak hour electric usage

4. Higher bills from errors of mixing your usage with that of others in your network

5. It adds to the EMF (electromagnetic field) pollution that many believe are killing the bees.


You may have a higher monthly meter reader fee if you opt out of having a smart meter.  For all of the above reasons, I think it’s worth it.  And it lets a meter reader keep his or her job.

Share this with your neighbors, for your benefit as well as theirs.  Click here to download this article.  Their meter could affect you as well as them.  From my measurements, the meters have an adverse energy range of at least a 150 foot radius.

If you don’t want a smart meter, call APS customer service at 800-253-9405.  The service rep will have someone call you back.  The person who called me back was pleasant and didn’t argue with me about not wanting a smart meter.  She did ask for a reason and I said I was electrically sensitive.