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Studies show that 40% of new leaders will fail within the first 18 months. The good news is that leadership failure can be predicted – and even prevented – when managers are given the right resources. The Leadership Unlimited Profile is an eye-opening set of leadership assessment tools. It quickly identifies trouble spots and builds the skill sets leaders need to take charge of their careers.

Whether the leaders in your audience are newly-minted or seasoned professionals, leadership development is a lifelong endeavor. From foundational tools such as What’s my Leadership Style to targeted solutions including the Leadership Unlimited Profile, Matrix Manager Inventory, and Courageous Leadership, we offer a full spectrum of leadership assessment tools that will help you to build competent, high-performance leaders who are prepared to lead the organization to success.

Customizable Courses

Adapting your Style
Behavioral Interviews
Budgeting Basics
Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
Ideas Into Action
Managing Managers
Managing Remote Teams
Managing Teams
Organizational Trust
Succession Planning
Systems Thinking
Talk Like a Leader
The Multi-Generational Workplace
Women and Leadership

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