Fostering Brilliance


by Lou Russell

In today’s streamlined organizations, project management is no longer just the domain of the specialist. Now just about everyone is required to play the project manager role. At the same time, this growing need doesn’t necessarily require certifications, Gantt charts, or the Critical Path Method. Instead, what’s really needed is a basic, solid skill set that can be applied to everyday work.

Here’s the training solution that will provide just the right amount of insight. From subject matter expert Lou Russell, Rocket: The Project Management Game, a competitive team simulation that emphasizes simple, fast, and flexible techniques for ensuring project success.

What makes Rocket such an effective learning experience is the combination of an actual hands-on team challenge and Russell’s four-step Dare to Properly Manage Resources model. Through game play, participants learn very quickly the importance of each phase, from planning to completion as well as the need to practice what’s referred to as flexible structure.

Learning Outcomes

Experience firsthand the skills required to manage projects effectively
Understand the various challenges of project management
Realize how to leverage personal strengths to improve project communication
Learn how to apply the DARE model of project management

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